The Etiquette of Sympathy Bouquets

They say you can say it with flowers and when it comes to expressing sympathy for the loss of a loved one flowers are the ultimate in eloquence. But sometimes it is hard to know if we should send flowers and if we did, where should we send them and when.


When to send flowers depends on who you’re sending a message. If you’re acknowledging the deceased, then you will want to move quite quickly. If you’re trying to show the family you’re thinking about them, then sending a message even a month or two later to show you’re thinking about them can be helpful.


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This too comes back to the message you’re sending. Funeral homes and places of worship are adept at dealing with flower delivery Braintree MA, and delivery services are always delivering to homes. Keep the place in line with the message and you will not go far wrong.


How do you choose what to send? Floral tributes tend to come from family members or good friends and may reflect some element of the deceased personality such as a hobby

Less personal formal arrangements such as wreaths, crosses and sprays are sent by groups who want to honor the deceased. These may be placed on the altar at a service for example.

Friends, relatives, co-workers, effectively individuals can usually stick to a floral arrangement or even a plant.

Which Flowers

White flowers tend to be the ones of choice Carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, lilies, and roses often feature, but if you know of a particular favorite then include it. This is about acknowledging the deceased.

Respect the Family’s wishes

If the family has specifically stated no flowers, or donation to a charity then it is usual to respect their wishes.