I Want To Help The Environment ButÂ…

If you haven’t heard of natural selection or natural selection, perhaps you know about the circle of life? The idea that all things are connected and there is an interrelationship between all living things. Perhaps you have heard that if the bees go, we go too?

Most of us would be happy to use products which are not harmful but when it comes to mosquitoes, at best they are a pain, at worst they are busy spreading malaria. Does organic mosquito control work well enough to stop them?

Organic and Natural don’t mean the same thing.

Natural means it is made up of substances which occur in nature. In this context it means chemicals which occur naturally. It does not automatically follow these chemicals are either non-toxic or safe.

organic mosquito control

Organic refers to a set of standards set out by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). If the producer adheres to these standards they may then call their product organic. They have to be tested on a regular basis – it is not just once.

Is “natural” of any value in mosquito control?

The answer is yes, well at least as far as the environment is concerned.  The alternative if not organic is synthetic. This means that the chemicals have been produced in a lab, there’s the possibility there have been by-products and ultimately, we can’t know their long-term effects.

Another good point is that we underestimate the power of toxins. Did you ever see anyone spraying a weed killer wearing a long-sleeved shirt, gloves and a face mask? Exactly! Right there the defense case rests.

If by using a natural product we can avoid adding something that nature has never met we are necessarily looking after ourselves, our world and our children’s heritage.