What Makes Stickers So Interesting?

Children love stickers. If you give a small person a pack of stickers, you will soon find them all over the place. They will be stuck onto many places you never expected and some places you’d rather they weren’t.

small labels

Some people never grow out of it. Putting stickers on their laptops is a favorite way for university undergrads to show their individuality.

The new baseball card

If a sticker is a statement of individuality they are certainly ubiquitous. Kids today trade them, teachers use them as an incentive and of course, they are eminently collectable.

It is a mark of their popularity that digital version exists within social media programs.

Brand marketing

Of course, stickers are effectively marketing. It doesn’t matter if it is small labels, sparkly labels, big labels if it can be stuck somewhere it can be made into a sticker, and if the kids think it is cool they will put it someplace.

Street-wise marketers know in terms of keeping a brand front and center – sticking it to something is going to work literally and metaphorically. There was a time when every product by the computer manufacturer from California came with a sticker. As a statement of cool, they were everywhere including on rival products – oh the cachet.

Are stickers divisive?

They have their lovers and their haters. The problem for some is stickers automatically make something look a bit of a mess. So, you have to add more to make the mess look intentional. Once you start it is a slippery slope. You can never have a single sticker.

Stickers on water bottles

A favorite place for kids is their water bottle. Some think that detracts from the cleanliness of the bottle. It doesn’t matter they are here to stay.